Now you can fish with real baits that can be instantly moulded and formed into any size or shape you require. Doppel-ganger super paste contains real food ingredients from proven fish catching ingredients, halibut, corn, hemp or luncheon meat. Unlike artificial baits Doppel-ganger emits true (come and eat me) food signals and attraction. 
So far if you think this is a good idea then here is the best bit…it is highly buoyant and small fish proof. Instant popped up sweet corn or halibut pellet pop ups are made in seconds, no foam or cork required. Within water Doppel-gangers being extremely robust last for days and with care are fully re-usable. For floater fishing the baits have proved to be a revelation. The attraction of these baits is there for all to see by constantly leaking off a trail of real food signals. 
Doppel Ganger Availability 
* Real Meal Halibut Pellet 
* Real Deal Sweet Corn 
* Real Oily Hemp Seed with Nutrabaits Garlic Oil 
* Real full fat Luncheon Meat 
* New easy to mould advanced super paste 
* Makes instant hook baits, boilies, particles, pellets, etc  
to any size any shape 
* Produced from real food ingredients 
* Emits real food and scent signals 
* Enhances bait presentation makes hook instantly weightless 
* Improves presentation by stopping tethering effect 
* Pop ups and buoyant hookbaits made in seconds 
* No foam or cork required 
* No drilling or baiting needles required 
* No unsightly ‘hair’ stops evident 
* Mimics and mirrors real baits 
* Tough long lasting texture, small fish resistant 
* Simply shape and squeeze onto the ‘hair’ 
* Long lasting 72-hour controlled protein emmision 
* Real food ingredients ensure bait is totally fish friendly 
* Doppel-ganger…Hook-baits will never be the same again 
Designed and created by it'seeze