Bill Cottam 

Confidence on a spool. 
Kryston hooklengths and their associated products have played a huge part in what bit of success I have managed to achieve over the years and I have no doubt they will continue to do so in the future… 
Virtually all of my session fishing is done with spreads of boiled baits over a reasonably wide area these days and to my mind nothing suits that particular tactic better than a slightly longer than average, soft and supple hooklength pinned to the lake bed with a critically balanced hook bait on the end. The objective being to encourage fish to pick up one bait and then move off confidently, in search of the next. 
30 - 40 cm of 25lb Super Nova, liberally coated in - the oh so useful - Drop Em has been my presentation of choice for as long as I can remember and nothing I have come across since has made me even consider the fact that changing to something else would improve my chances. 
My Super Nova highlights over the years have included The Scar from The Graviers (which was the biggest fish in the world at that time), The Brown Fish and The Big Linear from the same venue, The Saussaie Common, The Round Common from Priory Lake and far too many others to mention. 
Thanks Kryston; the effectiveness and consistency of your products ensure I never have to worry about which hooklength to choose! 
Bill Cottam 
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